Generation assets in Switzerland, Italy and Germany

Repower owns a number of hydropower plants and wind farms, has a majority interest in a combined-cycle gas plant and is committed to the promotion of new renewables. The group also has interests in nuclear assets.


Repower operates its own hydropower plants in Valposchiavo, Prättigau, Surselva and the Engadine in Canton Graubünden. A number of these facilities were recently refurbished. Including investments, installed capacity is around 430 MW, and the group’s own hydropower facilities in Graubünden have an expected annual generation of around 1,300 GWh. Some of these facilities generate naturemade star-certified green power. The company is committed to further increase its generation of hydropower, both in Switzerland and in other countries. Repower follows various projects in the pipeline at different stages of development.


Repower holds a 61 per cent stake in the project company SET S.p.A. (Milan), which operates the Teverola combined-cycle gas power plant near Naples (I). The 400 MW Teverola plant, which was commissioned at the end of 2006, is Repower’s biggest generation facility. Repower participates in its annual generation of around 2,400 GWh in proportion to its percentage interest in the plant. Repower is also involved, either as the lead or as a partner, in the construction of further thermal (coal and gas) plants. There are concrete projects in Italy and Germany. In general, Repower employs only the most modern, environmentally-friendly technologies.

New renewables

In Corleto Perticara (Basilicata, Italy) Repower owns a wind farm with an installed capacity of 9 MW. In addition, the company has a 39% interest in the Giunchetto wind park (Sicily, Italy). Two other wind installations of Repower are situated in Germany: The plant in Prettin (Saxony-Anhalt) has an installed capacity of 10 MW and the one in Lübbenau (Brandenburg) disposes of 16 MW. Repower expects to generate a total of around 90 GWh of electricity per year with its own wind installations. The branded green power products developed by Repower also contain a proportion of energy from biomass, wind, solar, small-scale and drinking water-based power plants.


Repower's interests in nuclear assets in Switzerland and France constitute an installed capacity of around 50 MW, with an expected annual generation of some 340 GWh.