Chlus hydropower plant

The starting point of the planned installation is the existing power plant in Küblis.

Repower’s Chlus project involves plans to build a hydroelectric power plant in the Prättigau/Graubünden Rhine Valley in Eastern Switzerland. Set to generate around 237 gigawatt hours of electricity a year, the plant is officially recognised as a project of national importance. The new installation will add an additional stage to the existing Klosters/Schlappin-Küblis power station cascade to generate electricity using the head of water between Küblis and the Rhine. Water that has passed through the turbines at the existing plant in Küblis will be captured and fed via a pressure tunnel and pressure line to a new powerhouse in Trimmis. It will be joined by additional water from the River Landquart in Küblis, and from three side streams (Arieschbach, Furnerbach and Schranggabach). Small power plants will also be used to harness the drop in altitude in the Arieschbach and Schranggabach.

Repower has concluded the concession project, and the twelve local communities have given the concession a clear approval. Work on the request for concession approval, including Phase 1 of the environmental impact report, has been completed. Repower and the muncicipalities will now submit the request to the canton.

The plant is expected to take around four to five years to build, and will involve investment of some CHF 380 million.

The history of hydroelectricity in the area goes back to the 1920s, when three plants were built to generate electricity from the power of the water in the Prättigau. In 2011 these facilities were reinforced with the addition of the Taschinas plant. The Chlus project will add another power plant to the Prättigau/Graubünden Rhine Valley complex.

Repower has worked with various stakeholders to ensure broad support for the project. Now that municipalities have granted the relevant concession, the next step is the two-stage cantonal approval process.

The new plant will be able to generate 237 gigawatt hours of electricity a year. A pressure tunnel and pressure line will take water from the power plant in Küblis to Trimmis. The new set-up will also include additional intakes in the River Landquart and three side streams.

Up to three hundred people, working in parallel on six construction sites, will be involved in building the Chlus project. The whole project, including the transport and storage of around 1.1 million tonnes of excavated material, requires thorough planning.

Ecological supervision is a key component in the development of the Chlus project. The impact of building and operating the plant will be thoroughly scrutinised, and the necessary remediation measures defined, to ensure a balanced environmental footprint.

The planned Chlus plant will play an important role in Switzerland’s energy strategy, and has been officially acknowledged as a project of national importance. Despite this, building non-subsidised plants in the current environment is difficult. Repower is supporting efforts to find viable ways forward for hydropower.

Here you can download various publications on Chlus, plus all Repower news releases relating to the project.

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