Campocologno-Tirano merchant line

In 2009, eighteen months after construction started, the first merchant line built under the new European legislation was commissioned. The 4.4 kilometre-long, 150 kV line, which runs underground for its entire length, joins Campocologno (Switzerland) and Tirano (Italy), boosting north-south cross-border capacity and increasing the security of the electricity supply in both countries. The pioneering project also included building a new switching station in Tirano and a new switch bay in Campocologno. Repower and the other partners involved in the project (Edison and the Municipality of Tirano) have exclusive usage rights for a capacity of 150 MW over ten years, which means they do not have to acquire this capacity at auction. The new line is owned by EL.IT.E S.p.a., a company in which Repower holds an interest.

Bernina line: strategic importance

Since the beginning of 2013 the Swiss 380 kV/220 kV transmission grid has been owned by the national grid company Swissgrid. Ownership of the international Bernina line was also transferred to Swissgrid at the same time. Repower built this strategically important north-south line and commissioned it in 2005. It transports around 40 per cent of the electricity flowing between Switzerland and Italy. Repower has secured the contract to maintain the line from 2015 to 2019.