Core competencies and strategy

Spanning the value chain

Repower aims to operate along the entire electricity value chain from generation and trading to distribution and sales. In Italy it is also involved in the gas business. Added to this, Repower also develops innovative solutions in the "New Tech Business". Repower's key markets are Switzerland and Italy. The company is committed to close customer relations.


Repower generates electricity at its own plants in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. The company is also engaged in building new generation capacity, with a balanced mix of different technologies.


Trading accounts for almost two thirds of Repower's electricity sales, and accounted for more than 11 terawatt hours in 2015. The group operates directly or indirectly on the important European energy exchanges from its trading floor with sites in Poschiavo, Milan and Prague. Alongside physical trading, the group is also involved in the increasingly important trading in held-for-trading positions.

Sales and distribution

Repower is the leading provider of electricity in southeastern Switzerland. Its customers range from private households to industrial, commercial and public sector consumers and downstream municipal utilities. The group’s subsidiary Repower Vendita Italia in Milan specialises in supplying electricity and gas to SMEs. In 2013 the company sold around 3.8 terawatt hours of electricity to 40,000 customers; 15,000 customers were supplied with a total of around 200 million cubic meters of gas. In Germany, Repower Deutschland GmbH began supplying its own clientele of medium-sized business consumers in 2007. Today, Repower supplies commercial and industrial customers in this market with electricity and gas. With its acquisition of Elcomex EN (today's Repower Furnizare România) in July 2010, Repower also entered the Romanian sales and supply business. Repower Furnizare România mainly supplies small and medium-sized enterprises consuming between 0.5 and 20 gigawatt hours of electricity a year.

Green power

Repower is one of Switzerland’s pioneers in green power. In 2000 it launched Purepower, a green power product sold direct to private households and companies throughout Repower’s home region, and to consumers all over Switzerland via certificates. Repower also markets a diverse range of end-products in Switzerland (Aquapower, Purepower, Solarpower and Privapower), Italy (VerdeDentro) and Romania (Naturepower).

In addition to the products it sells in its key markets, Repower trades in renewable energy throughout Europe as well as offering large customers and resellers across the continent certificates and certified products in different qualities for labelling, optimising environmental impact, and powering fleets of electric vehicles. Repower markets guarantees of origin in various qualities as well as its own products, with label compliance guaranteed by independent organisations.

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