Wide-ranging sponsorship

Repower is committed to the public good. For this reason we are actively involved in sponsorship as a reflection of our interest in and dedication to the social life of the areas in which our organisation operates. In Switzerland, Repower acts as a sponsor in three specific areas that also typify the attitude of our organisation:

  • Sport: Team sports revolve around team spirit. Teamwork is a core tenet of Repower’s philosophy, because we realise that good work is only possible when motivated people work together as a team.

  • Culture and the arts: Culture and the arts are a reflection of human diversity, and do a great deal to expand people’s horizons. We know that broad horizons are also a key to success and progress in business.

  • Business: Repower co-sponsors events that promote exchange between people in business and politics. We believe that dialogue and debate promote understanding and mutual respect. 


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