Close to customers for more than 100 years

Repower has been a key player in the Swiss electricity industry for more than 100 years. Founded in 1904 as Kraftwerke Brusio AG, the company built its first power plant in Campocologno, in Valposchiavo in southern Graubünden, right on the border to Italy. At the time this was the biggest facility of its kind in Europe. Because the plant was so close to the border, doing business internationally was a core competence of the company from the very start.

Strong roots in Graubünden...

In 2000, Kraftwerke Brusio AG (Poschiavo) merged with AG Bündner Kraftwerke (Klosters) and Rhätische Werke für Elektrizität (Thusis) to form Rätia Energie AG. In 2004, aurax AG (Ilanz) also joined the group. In April 2010 the company changed its brand into Repower and adapted its external image to the steady growth and the increasing internationalisation of the Group. home throughout Europe

In 2002 Rezia Energia Italia S.p.A. (Milan) was established. Distribution company Dynameeting S.p.A. (Milan) has been part of the Repower Group since 2006. The group has been present in Germany since 2002, and in 2007 Repower commenced energy trading in Prague. With its acquisition of Elcomex EN in 2010, Repower entered the Romanian sales and supply business.