Executive Board

The Executive Board of Repower Group

Kurt Bobst (1965)
Swiss citizen; federally certified controller
CEO since 2008

Felix Vontobel (1958)
Deputy CEO
Head of Generation / Grid
Swiss citizen; dipl. Elektroingenieur FH
Since 1987: Kraftwerke Brusio AG (today's Repower AG)
Since 1992: Deputy Director of Kraftwerke Brusio AG
Since 2000: Deputy CEO, Head of Generation / Grid

Stefan Kessler (1973)
CFO (Head of Finance)
Swiss citizen; lic. iur. HSG, lawyer, LL.M., MAS in corporate finance
Since 2005: Rätia Energie AG (today's Repower AG)
Since 2011: Member of the Executive Board
CFO (Head of Finance)

Fabio Bocchiola (1964)
Head of Italy
Italian citizen; diploma in business administration, piano diploma from
the Conservatorium in Brescia
Since 2002: Rezia Energia Italia S.p.A. (today's Repower Italia S.p.A.)
Since 2010: Member of the Executive Board
Head of Italy

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