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Repower supplies customers in Switzerland, Italy, Romania and Germany with energy.

Repower is the leading supplier of electricity in Southeast Switzerland, with around 45,000 customers ranging from private households to industrial, commercial and public sector consumers and downstream municipal utilities. Repower’s supply area includes communities in the Engadine, Prättigau, Rhine Valley and Surselva areas of Graubünden. It supplies customers in the Upper Engadine, Münstertal, Poschiavo, Rhine Valley and Surselva via municipal works.

Repower’s customers in Switzerland can choose between the standard product Aquapower (Swiss hydroelectricity), the renewable products Purepower (100% Graubünden green power) and Solarpower (100% Graubünden solar power), and the low-cost Mixpower (a residual mix from Europe). Owners of photovoltaic installations can also take advantage of the own-use tariff Privapower.

The Sales unit also serves as the hub between Repower Trading and large customers in both Switzerland and Germany, which Repower provides with green power and trading services. The focus here is on municipal utilities and energy providers; in Germany Repower also serves large industrial customers. 

In Italy, Repower is one of the biggest suppliers of electricity and gas to small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions, providing around four per cent of the electricity consumed by this segment. The company serves around 22,000 customers in Italy consuming some 3.4 terawatt hours of electricity, and supplies an additional 10,000 customers with some 220 million cubic metres of gas. Its share of the gas market is 3.6 per cent.

Repower has a reputation for high standards of customer service, fostering personal contact with consumers via an extensive network of sales consultants spanning the whole of Italy. Repower also develops innovative products tailored to the changing needs of its various customer segments. The range includes green power (VerdeDentro), electric mobility solutions (Palina) and energy efficiency consulting services (eFFettiva).

Repower is one of the four largest non-state energy utilities in Romania, working for SMEs consuming between 0.5 and 20 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. Repower’s market share in this segment is almost five per cent. The company sells around 1.3 terawatt hours of electricity per year in Romania. It has developed and launched Naturepower, the country’s first TÜV Rheinlandcertified green power offering.

In Romania too, Repower offers consumers customised solutions, positioning itself as a reliable, customer-driven electricity supplier with high standards of quality.

Source: Repower at a glance, 2015 edition

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