Energy: keeping people mobile, driving quality of life

Energy assures our quality of life. And demand is constantly growing. Repower’s job is to help ensure that supply reliably meets this demand. That’s why we operate on the European energy exchanges and are in the process of expanding our own portfolio of generation assets.

Cross-border trading expertise

Supply and demand are subject to heavy regional and seasonal fluctuations. Volumes of electricity flowing through the entire European grid are on the increase, in part due to the limited options for storing electricity, and in part to the increasing amount of renewable solar and wind power being fed in. This is where our expertise in cross-border energy trading comes in. Repower, which has trading units in Poschiavo (Switzerland), Milan (Italy) and Prague (Czech Republic), is involved in bilateral trading and trading via exchanges and brokers in most European countries. This enables us to optimise the value of our assets and manage price risks. The trading floor functions as an internal marketplace ensuring the transfer of transparent market prices to our organisation. Proprietary trading is an additional growth opportunity that enhances our value chain. Get to know Repower as an expert trading partner!

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Samuel Bontadelli
Head of Trading

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