Energy-related themes clearly explained

How will the energy landscape change as a result of the energy transition? What role will electricity play in the next few decades? What are the most efficient ways of promoting new renewables? Will the price of energy increase? Will it still be possible to run power plants economically in the future? Energy policy’s a hot topic of conversation. The issues are complex, and made even more complex because there are few patent recipes and plenty of contradictory signals on the political level.

Repower wants to ensure that the political and social debate around the future of energy takes place on an objective basis. For this reason it is committed to sharing what it knows about energy-related issues with the public and providing a platform for an exchange of views.

Repower offers presentations on the following topics:

The energy supply of the future and the role of renewables

  • 2050 Swiss federal energy strategy and the fundamentals of energy supply
  • Electricity from renewable sources
  • Promoting renewables: a quota model as an alternative to cost-covering feed-in tariffs
  • How will the energy landscape change as a result of the energy transition?
  • The grid: the nervous system of energy supply
  • Smart grids and meters: bringing greater efficiency

Electricity generation and Repower’s power plant projects

  • Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants: technology with a future
  • Pumped storage plants: key components of the energy transition
  • Lagobianco pumped storage plant: a step into the future of energy
  • Chlus project: valuable hydropower from Graubünden
  • Repower in neighbouring Italy: between service and diversification

Energy market and consumers

  • Risks and opportunities of market liberalisation
  • Pan-European energy trading: how do energy exchanges function?
  • What generation mix do I get through my power socket?
  • Electricity and quality of life
  • Energy efficiency: taking the right approach to energy
  • E-mobility: a huge potential

Repower at work

  • The basics of the energy business in Switzerland
  • Always discovering: Repower’s dynamic personnel policy
  • The strong Swiss franc: how Repower is tackling the challenge

These presentations are designed for clubs and associations, parties, interest groups, companies and schools (senior classes).

Interested? Fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch to organise a date and venue. Presentations are free of charge.

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