12-21-2016Graubünden hydropower for ten energy providers

---- Joint news release issued by Repartner Produktions AG and Repower AG ----

Repower and another nine energy providers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are stepping up collaboration within the framework of their joint production investment company Repartner Produktions AG. The partners receive purchase rights based on the power produced by the Klosters, Küblis and Schlappin plants. This is a clear vote of confidence in renewable hydropower generated in the Swiss canton of Graubünden.

Repartner Produktions AG is a production investment company run from Poschiavo under Repower’s leadership that gives its shareholders access to the power generated by a portfolio of plants. Ten energy providers have a stake in Repartner. Alongside Repower, which under the terms of the articles of association holds the majority (presently 57%), the shareholders are Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke (10%), IBAarau AG (7%), WWZ AG (7%), Kantonales Elektrizitätswerk Nidwalden (EWN) (5%), ewl energie wasser luzern (5%), Aziende Industriali di Lugano (AIL) SA (5%), IBC Energie Wasser Chur (1%), Rhiienergie AG (2%) and Energie Kanton Thurgau (1%).

The capacity currently available to Repartner Produktions AG consists of Swiss hydropower (Taschinas) and two wind farms in Germany (Lübbenau and Prettin). From 1 January 2017 another major energy delivery of around 240 GWh per year will be added to this. The partners have signed up to a plant-based energy supply agreement whose duration, costs and quality derive from the Klosters, Schlappin and Küblis plants in the Prättigau region of Graubünden. The plan is at a later date to look into the possibility of transferring these assets and concessions to Repartner Produktions AG.

This will not alter the deployment, management, operation and maintenance of the Prättigau plants concerned, which will remain completely in Repower’s hands.

The agreement assures Repartner shareholders a long-term supply of Swiss-generated, renewable hydropower, as well as putting Repower’s partner strategy into practice by creating a strong partnership of well-known Swiss energy providers and Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke.

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