We build the future of energy.

Repower evaluates innovative projects using its comprehensive know-how that it has acquired developing big and cross-industry projects.

One of the objectives under the Swiss Federal government’s Energy Strategy 2050 is to increase the generation of hydroelectricity in Switzerland in the long term. Repower has two projects that fit perfectly into this strategy: Chlus (a 62 MW hydropower installation in the Prättigau/Graubünden Rhine Valley area) and Lagobianco (a 1000 MW pumped-storage plant in the upper Poschiavo valley, including the refurbishment and continued operation of existing generation facilities). Nevertheless, the current economic environment makes it impossible to go ahead with delivering these projects at present. Repower will keep them in the pipeline to be able to proceed with construction as soon as the market situation allows.

Lagobianco pumped storage plant

Repower plans to build a 1,000 megawatt pumped storage power plant in the Upper Poschiavo Valley. Developed in consultation with environmental organisations as an alternative to previous plans, the new, high-capacity installation will replace an earlier project known as Projekt 95. It will use two lakes – Lago Bianco on the Bernina Pass and Lago di Poschiavo – as reservoirs. An 18 kilometre pressure tunnel on the right flank of the Poschiavo valley and a pressure duct around 2.5 kilometres long will take the water to a powerhouse in Camp Martin on Lago di Poschiavo. The plant will be connected to the grid via the existing 380 kilovolt international line.

Windpark Lucera 2

Das Projekt Lucera 2 (IT, Apulien) sieht die Erstellung von weiteren Windanlagen als Ergänzung zum Windpark Lucera 1 (26 MW) vor, der im November 2012 in Betrieb genommen wurde. Das Projekt durchläuft zurzeit die Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung bei der Region Apulien. Lucera liegt in der Provinz Foggia auf 250 m.ü.M. Die Region eignet sich dank ihrer günstigen klimatischen Bedingungen sehr gut für die Stromproduktion aus Windkraft.