Campolattaro pumped storage plant

Repower plans to build a pumped storage plant with an installed capacity of around 570 megawatts in Campolattaro (Campania, Italy). The project connects an existing lower dammed lake with a reservoir higher up to create a single system. This upper reservoir will be newly constructed in a natural dip. The penstocks (pressure duct and output lead) carrying the water are between 5 and 6 metres in diameter, and run for a total of 8 kilometres. They take the water to an underground powerhouse that can operate in turbine or pump mode. During periods of high demand the water drives the powerhouse turbines to generate electricity that is fed into the national 380 kV transmission grid. At periods of low demand, the plant takes up electricity from the grid to pump water into the upper reservoir, where it is stored ready to drive the turbines again at a later stage.

The planning phase was completed at the beginning of 2011. The approval process is currently under way, including an environmental impact assessment by the relevant national authorities. The plant will take around six years to build.

The planned pumped storage plant will play a key role in maintaining grid stability and the security of the supply in the region.

Technical data

Installed capacity570 MW approx.
Pressure duct and output lead8 km approx.
Construction time6 years approx.
Total investmentEUR 600 m approx.