Grischelectra AG - Electricity Company of the Canton and Municipalities

The canton of Graubünden and the power plant municipalities of Graubünden contribute their energy demands to Grischelectra AG. As the largest energy supplier in Graubünden, Repower AG takes over the energy amount allocated to Grischelectra AG and utilizes it. Repower AG holds a 10 percent stake in Grischelectra.

Brief overview of Grischelectra AG


Repartner - The diversified production portfolio

The Repartner Production AG is an equal partnership aiming to contribute to the long-term and future-oriented energy supply security in Switzerland. Since January 1, 2012, the operational production participation company Repartner Production AG has been investing in geographically and technologically diversified production capacities for this purpose.

Repartner Production AG


EVUlution - Joint Solutions for Utilities

Multiple energy suppliers with public service obligations participate in EVUlution. The company aims to collaborate with additional utilities or partners operating in the energy services sector. Repower holds the largest stake in EVUlution, with 42.75 percent.

EVUlution AG


esolva - The Specialist in Engineering, Meter-to-Cash, and Security

esolva AG is the service provider in the Swiss energy market. It operates in the fields of engineering, security control, metering, and data management. Additionally, it offers services such as billing and call center tasks. Repower holds around 40 percent of esolva AG. The company is responsible for meter reading and billing in Repower's service area.

esolva AG


Repower Renewable - Renewable Energy in Italy

The name says it all. Repower Renewable is a subsidiary of Repower that plans, implements, and operates renewable energy production facilities. The portfolio includes several wind farms, solar installations, and hydroelectric power plants.