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Repower takes a responsible approach to the people and the environment.

Doing the right thing

Repower operates hydropower plants in Canton Graubünden that have been generating renewable energy for over 100 years. The company is aware of its responsibility towards people and the environment. It is committed to minimising the negative impact of its business activities on the environment and promoting the wellbeing of people, both inside and outside the company.

Our contribution to clean energy

Repower actively contributes to the energy transition and security of supply in Switzerland and Italy. This includes generating 100 per cent renewable energy in Switzerland and efforts to expand its renewable energy generation facilities in Italy.

Our contribution to sustainable economic growth

Repower acts prudently to safeguard the existence and ongoing development of the company and create financial value. Indirectly, Repower also creates economic growth in the regions in which it operates by awarding contracts to third parties. Repower creates secure jobs and provides good working conditions, attaching great importance to occupational health and safety.

Our contribution to climate protection

One hundred per cent of the energy generated at Repower Switzerland comes from renewable resources. Repower Italy intends to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the future. In this way, Repower is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Repower has various offerings designed to raise its customers’ and business partners’ awareness of climate and environmental protection.

Our contribution to biodiversity

Repower acts prudently to minimise the negative impact of electricity production and distribution on biodiversity and, by producing renewable energy, contributes to the energy transition and thus to the protection of biodiversity in the long term.

Sustainability report 2023

Here you’ll find Repower’s latest sustainability report.

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