Climb to new 
heights with Repower.

At Repower we’re committed team players. Active interaction on a personal and professional level helps create a corporate culture of innovation, appetite for change and mutual respect. Discover Repower’s team spirit for yourself!

Repower employs around 560 employees in Switzerland and Italy. The 390 people in the Swiss team work at eight different sites. Even though people work at different offices in two different countries, a lively exchange of experience, ideas and information - between technical and business experts, and between experienced staff, new joiners and apprentices - ensures a strong team spirit.

To ensure good collaboration and team spirit, clearly structured tasks and responsibilities are necessary. Repower offers positions in different areas:

  • Market & sales
  • Technical trades
  • Support functions

Our philosophy

Our philosophy rests on various cornerstones that create a framework for our unique culture and the way we work together.



Three values form the basis of the way we operate:

  • Build trust
  • Take personal initiative
  • Produce effect

We work in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • We are fast, simple and clear

Action standards

We have a set of action standards that apply to everyone who works for us:

  • I focus on the essentials
  • I share my knowledge within the organisation
  • I deliver solutions, not problems
  • I ask clear questions and give clear answers
  • I say yes when I mean yes, and no when I mean no
  • I make decisions within my responsibility
  • I care about other people’s opinions
  • I regularly give honest feedback

Principles of leaders

Our leaders behave according to the following principles:

  • We convey our goals and pursue them consistently
  • We make room for the free development of personality and creativity
  • We listen and are open to change
  • We lead in a loyal, fair and efficient way
  • We define goals, measure the results and reward performance

Our working environment

Again and again, Repower proves its creative potential in the energy industry with new ideas, innovative products and unconventional solutions. We're able to do this because we have dedicated, engaged employees who are always exploring new horizons and seizing the opportunity to contribute to the success of our business. 

Our working atmosphere is characterised by our corporate philosophy. It doesn't limit employees but creates room to:

We build trust by means of

  • Mutual fairness
  • Respect for people's individuality
  • An informal atmosphere (no age or hierarchical boundaries)
  • Active sharing of knowledge, ideas and opinions
  • Clear communication

By taking personal initiative we mean

  • Being enthusiastic
  • Keeping a flexible mind
  • Responding quickly
  • Using room for manoeuvre
  • Fostering a network in an international working environment 

By producing effect we mean

  • Being ambitious
  • Seizing opportunities (market, business, project volumes)
  • Acting business-mindedly for the long term
  • Cultivating simplicity

Our people

Have we aroused your curiosity? Would you like to meet some of our people?

"The biggest compliment we can get for our work is having a happy, satisfied customer. And this is what we strive for every day."

Our department revolves around customers and their needs. We look after all segments of the market. This makes it particularly fascinating, as we have to cater to the needs of everyone from people with a small holiday apartment to large commercial consumers. This means it’s crucial to have a portfolio of products tailored to the needs of the market. For this reason we work closely with Marketing to be able to offer innovative solutions.

Energy keeps things moving. This also applies to me and my sales team. Our work is based on a modern sales approach. We place particular emphasis on acquiring new customers. I’m in personal contact with large customers and resellers. What are our competitors up to? Regular monitoring gives us valuable insights into the competition.
In daily business things don’t always go according to plan. We try to learn from our mistakes. For this reason I often deal with customer feedback myself.

"We know we’ve done a good job if we don’t hear back from our IT users."

In the world of modern communications it’s vital to have a properly functioning IT infrastructure. This also applies at Repower. Innovative solutions are particularly important in our business. For this reason I also work actively on technical development so we can always offer the best possible IT infrastructure.

Our team regularly gathers information on new products and developments and puts together arguments for the people who make decisions on procurement. We constantly monitor our IT agreements and licences and update them when necessary. We manage the IT infrastructure and maintain our inventory of commodities.

The good atmosphere in our team gives us all a big incentive to do really great work.

"In many respects the energy market is more exciting than the stock and foreign exchange markets."

Repower operates along the entire electricity value chain. So trading is also a mainstay of our revenues.

Alongside the spot market in Germany, France and Switzerland, I focus on the Italian energy market. As a direct entrant I got to spend a month in Italy right after joining. I took language courses to get my Italian up to speed, and thanks to my time at Repower Italia I was able to make valuable contacts. Shortly after that I took on responsibility for cross-border procurement between Italy and Switzerland. I’m the one who decides when we import or export electricity from or to Italy.

Working in an open plan office can get really hectic, especially in the morning when most trading takes place. That was something I had to get used to.

“Being a project developer in renewable energy means above all being able to handle special challenges. The rules and regulations are constantly changing, and there’s still a lot of uncertainty in relation to the market. This means the job is always exciting."

I focus on developing and managing projects and interests in Switzerland and abroad. Renewable energy is the way forward, so it’s an area where we're keen to move ahead with projects to develop assets and markets.

Everything always revolves around profitability. Will the investment pay off? What requirements have to be met? These are questions where my analytical skills come into play. I work on business plans and draw up orders and specification documents. When we put work out to public tender I’m involved in the selection process and awarding jobs to contractors. 

I’m lucky have a highly motivated team behind me.

"I was looking for a challenging job in the area I come from - and that's precisely what I have at Repower."

Most of my work is on the "front line". There are six to ten people in my building and maintenance team. We do maintenance, repair and extension work at generation facilities.

On projects I'm in charge of construction. We also do regular quality checks to make sure there are no problems with the supply of electricity. I cover our generation facilities in the Poschiavo Valley.

My job at Repower is great, because I get to work in the place I grew up, close to my friends and family. That's very important to me.