About Repower

Repower’s about energy. But that’s not all. Repower’s also about innovation, quality and service to customers. On these pages you’ll find the most important information about our company:

Repower at a glance

What values does Repower live by?
What are Repower’s core competencies?
How are Repower’s financials?

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Board of Directors

Repower’s Board of Directors has seven members.

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Executive Board

Four members sit on Repower’s Executive Board.

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Company history

Repower traces its roots as an energy company back more than 100 years.


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Corporate social responsibility


Recharge your batteries with Repower: visit a power plant, walk the Green Power or Acquasela Path, drive an electric vehicle, experience the Bernina Glaciers, or enjoy our Fascination of Energy presentation service. 

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Sponsorship and events

In its capacity as a Swiss energy company Repower takes its social responsibility seriously and supports events in the regions it operates in. 

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In its mission statement, Repower undertakes to act responsibly vis-à-vis the environment. This includes ensuring that strict environment and safety guidelines are enforced.

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