Repower has been operating in the energy business for over 100 years. On the basis of our extensive know-how we’ve evolved into a comprehensive provider of energy-related services.

Repower: your partner of choice

 We work as a service designer for our customers and partners.

 We sell energy and services to utilities, infrastructure operators, large customers and end-consumers.

 We strive to add value for our customers to constantly improve efficiency and convenience.

 We build on a wealth of experience in generation, asset optimisation, constructing and operating power plants and other infrastructure assets, trading and grids.

 Our core competency lies in renewable energy, especially hydropower.

Areas of strategic focus

We make things more efficient

Repower’s business focuses on providing energy-related services, predominantly to energy utilities, industrial and commercial customers, infrastructure operators and public institutions. Our goal is to help our customers achieve greater energy efficiency and convenience. We deliberately strive for partnerships with our customers. Our ability to develop innovative products and harness synergy make collaboration with Repower especially attractive.

Fostering sustainability

Repower’s work is geared to all-encompassing sustainability. While our focus is on generating electricity from renewable resources, the services we offer our customers are also designed to make their assets more reliable and long-lasting, or to help them make more optimum use of resources.

Our customers are partners

Repower deliberately fosters partnerships with its customers. That’s the only way of providing them with solutions that precisely meet their needs. Our ability to develop innovative products and harness synergy makes collaboration with Repower especially attractive.

Basic supply in Switzerland

Repower supplies electricity to more than 46,000 households, commercial and large-scale consumers in Southeast Switzerland. Our basic supply customers receive 100% Swiss hydropower as standard. Our range also includes interesting green power products. Repower offers products tailored to the needs of large customers and resellers as well. The company is also involved in the electric vehicle business and meeting the needs of private power producers.

End-consumers in Italy

Thanks to its customer focus, Repower has made a name for itself as a service provider in the highly competitive Italian market. We provide large and medium-sized customers in tourism, commerce, industry and the public sector with electricity, gas and related services. Our product development is geared to creating offerings that add real value for customers, especially in terms of boosting energy efficiency. A large network of expert consultants covering the whole of Italy serves as a link between Repower and its customers.

Services for third parties

Repower plans, builds and operates power plants, grids and other installations. We optimise and maintain our own assets and have experience in balance group and portfolio management. We operate in international electricity trading and have the necessary market access. And we’re well acquainted with the rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment. Our expertise in these and other areas doesn’t just work to our benefit – we make sure our customers profit as well. This is why many customers commission us to do this type of work on their behalf.

Proving comprehensive services

Repower’s customer-facing activities are backed by solid internal service delivery. It strives to refine and extend this know-how on a permanent basis. This enables Repower to recognise the complex challenges the future of energy will bring and share these insights with its customers. We’re constantly building on know-how gathered over the course of more than 100 years. This enables Repower to recognise the complex challenges the future of energy will bring and share these insights with its customers.

Core competency in hydropower

In Canton Graubünden Repower operates 17 hydropower plants of different sizes. The story started around 100 years ago in the Valposchiavo with the construction of what at the time was the largest high-pressure hydropower installation in Europe. The commissioning of the new Morteratsch hydropower plant in 2016 marks the most recent chapter. Plans developed by Repower to build a new hydropower plant in the Prättigau (Chlus) and a major pumped storage plant in the the Valposchiavo (Lagobianco) could give a decisive boost to the future of the energy industry.